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4.5 Stars Of Pure Inspiation

"Carmen, Nicki, Sherry and Dani from Phat Girlz Club are back in this much anticipated sequel, Becoming Carmen, the coming of age story of Carmen, the gunslinging Señorita. Carmen, at the age of 10, killed the man who murdered her grandfather in their family's store. Witnessed by her friends, this life-defining moment changes the axis of Carmen's entire life.

Becoming Carmen is a story of survival, staying true to your heritage, and becoming the best part of yourself even with seemingly insurmountable odds. Cole, sensitively, captures the bonds of family, the unshakeable support system of life-long friends, PTSD and postpartum depression.

Becoming Carmen is a novel of strength, the strength it takes to become 'powerful today as women and as people'."

- Michele VC - Writing Community Newsletter


The Endurance Of Friendship, Captured Perfectly


"Angel Cole's Phat Girlz Club is an excellent summation of every woman's struggles. To do the right thing, to love yourself, to rise above adversity and to hold on to the ones you love.

Phat Girlz Club is gritty, it's sassy, it's diverse and it is absolutely delicious. Four best friends cemented together from adolescence to adulthood. Through tragedy, accidents, lifestyle choices and secrets, these four women endure.

Phat Girlz Club is about life-long friendship, through thick or thin. It's never losing sight of the ties that bind you and cherishing them always."


- Michele VC - Writing Community Newsletter

Good Storyteller

"Author is able to create a story that makes you feel that these girls really lived and you get a sense that the events in their lives happened to everyday women. Love that despite differences and hurts between the women, they stayed friends and spoke the truth to each other. Refreshing to read about deep friendships, look forward to more from Angel Cole!

-Jeany C.

Simply Fantastic

"I loved the portrayal of the characters. I felt that they were realistic and the storyline was exciting and incredibly relatable. Of the many books that I have read this year, this narrative was completely fresh and I can't wait to see what the author comes out with next."

- Mari.

Must Read

"Amazing book!! This book reminded me of my childhood and friends! Highly recommend!" - Thanti Ly


"Awesome book!! Couldn’t put it down! From start to finish it reminded me of my friends & childhood! Looking forward to more books from the author!!" Erica


"Just finished reading The Phat Girlz Club by Angel Cole. It’s the first in the series and it was so good I can’t wait for the next one to come out. I could visualize the characters and physical settings. Totally enjoyable book. It was hard to put down , actually could have read it in one night but I wanted to savor the moments. If you are looking for an enjoyable good read you MUST get this either paperback or kindle version. Promise you won’t be disappointed."

- Daphne W.

Must Read

"I loved the book. Kept me interested and didn't want to put the book down! Can't wait till the next book!"

- Stephanie M.

The Bonds Of Friendship And The Empowerment Of Women

"I really enjoyed the book. You could easily identify with these women, their bond, insecurities and accomplishments; the choices they made and the ones that were made for them. Can't wait to read more from this author!" - KittykatRosi

Fabulous Read

"This book reminded me of growing up and dealing with life in general and having friends. Great job Angel Cole. I loved this story. Keep up the good work!" - Cecilia J.

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